Gunung Pantara Inc.
Our founder, Surjono Tanoto, sold and cashed out his cement factory to French Lafarge. Now, he is raising the bar with a much bigger cement project in South Sumatera, Indonesia. He is on his way to build a $1 billion dollar company!
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Recent Work: Our cement sold in North Sumatera
  1. Pantara Cement Brochure
    Pantara Cement Brochure
Gunung Pantara Inc. (USA) will be the parent company of affiliated cement companies operating in Indonesia.  One such affliated company is PT. Gunung Pantara Barisan which was the first cement grinding plant to operate in the province of North Sumatera. This cement grinding plant was successfully running and was later acquired by Lafarge Cement of France.
Gunung Pantara Inc., through its affliliated Indonesian companies, holds valuable limestone mining resources and approved government licenses to setup and operate a fully integrated cement plant in the province of South Sumatera.  It is our plan to be the lowest cost and highest EBITDA margin cement producer in our market. Naturally, we should enjoy a sizable portion of the market. Stay tuned. Pantara is BACK!
On 2 Sep, 2013, at 11:06 PM, Mr. Hoddinott (after visiting as Group Vice President of Lafarge - Performance) wrote this email:

Dear Surjono,

Having finally landed back in Paris, I am writing to thank so very much for the visit to your plant and for the time and insights you provided during the day. I came away having witnessed the successful creation of a manufacturing plant and market position from scratch with very limited resources. Having been in the industry from 25 years and visited plants all over the world, your story is among the most striking in terms of how you did everything yourself, working on a shoestring and learning by absorbing knowledge from everywhere/everyone you could and, of course, by trial and error. Very inspiring and taking real courage!

So thank you once again for your time that day and looking forward to the success of the collaboration between yourself and Lafarge.

Warmest regards,


Peter Hoddinott
CEO Lafarge Africa
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